Definition Of melodist

a composer of melodies.

One of the great ‘instant composers,’ a melodist of the first rank, Gray, who died in 1955, was one of the most consistent musicians in jazz history.

Example Of melodist

  • Actually, I consider Bomtempo an exceptional melodist , likely his most attractive compositional trait.

  • And the lyrical poetry of Romanos the melodist , the hymnology of John of Damascus, and the legendary compositions of Johannes Kopuselos, to name only a few, radically changed the Byzantine rite.

  • Apart from its richly imaginative orchestral textures it shows Crosse as a melodist too.

  • As a verbal melodist , especially a melodist of sweetness and of stately grace, and as a harmonist of prolonged and complex cadences, he is unsurpassable.

  • ‘If one song can be said to have ‘made’ Rodgers and Hart,’ wrote the melodist , ‘it was ‘Manhattan.’

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