Meaning Of materialities

জড়তা জড়ত্ব

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Definition Of materialities


the quality or character of being material or composed of matter.

First, the intangibility of speech better mirrors the materiality of ultimate reality (which is abstract, not concrete).

Example Of materialities

  • As a matter of fact, I sympathise with their desire to produce design that refers to itself and to its context as a way of asserting the materiality of the medium.

  • As far as symbolism is concerned, material embodiment refers in the first instance to the materiality of the artwork, not the reality of its represented content.

  • Aside from whatever you want to say about the materiality of painting, or of how these works are the result of a conceptual practice, the encapsulation of time within them is staggering.

  • But the unconscionability of the transaction remains of direct materiality to the case based on undue influence.

  • Contemporary art theories have challenged students to explore the materiality of ceramics.

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