Definition Of mass


a coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape.

a mass of curly hair

assemble or cause to assemble into a mass or as one body.

both countries began massing troops in the region


relating to, done by, or affecting large numbers of people or things.

the movie has mass appeal

the Christian Eucharist or Holy Communion, especially in the Roman Catholic Church.

we went to Mass

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Example Of mass

  • A mass of anti-war protesters packed the streets of London last Saturday.

  • A mass of runners swarmed the roads for one of the towns' biggest yearly events.

  • All this has produced explosive social contradictions, including a vast chasm between the wealthy elites and the mass of the population.

  • An astounding mass of material is already available on computer screens.

  • An unbridgeable gulf has opened up between the traditional parties and the mass of the population.

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