Definition Of maltreat


treat (a person or animal) cruelly or with violence.

No parents or other adults should exploit, abuse or maltreat children.

Example Of maltreat

  • 13% of the maltreaters were a non-biological parent, other relative, or live-in boyfriend or girlfriend of the parent

  • According to a 2002 government report, ‘The vast majority of children were maltreated by one parent, usually the mother.’

  • According to national newspapers he has claimed abuse and maltreatment by his captors and dismissed their claims as a fabrication.

  • After being promised the joys of French life, she is kept inside the house, relegated to menial tasks and misunderstood and maltreated by the mother.

  • Are you aware of the current situation and the whereabouts of the child, parent, caregiver and alleged maltreater ?

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