Definition Of malefic


causing or capable of causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means.

This suggests that the sexual aspect of the narratives was largely a trope for the strong desires that were central to both malefic witchcraft and the Evil Eye.

Example Of malefic

  • Allen Buchanan and his coauthors expand the ethical concept of maleficence successfully and persuasively argue that to do no harm is a highest-order value.

  • At the film's climax, the malefic priest responsible for all this mischief sets his sights on the last woman in Hong Kong.

  • At your age it would have really drastic maleficences and you can easily end up on yourself, without friends, without parents and even without your beloved one.

  • Barring only a single star, all your beneficial stars are ahead of their malefic counterparts.

  • Can you see the maleficent glint in this ones eyes.

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