Definition Of make


(in bridge, whist, and similar games) win (a trick).

On the other hand, if a declarer makes no tricks, it is a match against her.

(of the tide) begin to flow or ebb.

It's an ugly place to be caught on a lee shore with a westerly gale and the tide making .

arrive at (a place) within a specified time or in time for (a train or other transport).

we've got a lot to do if you're going to make the shuttle

cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about.

the drips had made a pool on the floor

compel (someone) to do something.

she bought me a brandy and made me drink it

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Example Of make

  • make a list of all the points you can think of

  • anyone can make a mistake

  • Australia should make the final

  • Before talking to the family, make a list of the points you want to discuss.

  • Being an artist is a way to get my songs out there, but labels are looking to make money and a profit.

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