Definition Of load


a heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried.

in addition to their own food, they must carry a load of up to eighty pounds

a lot of (often used to express one's disapproval or dislike of something).

she was talking a load of garbage

a weight or source of pressure borne by someone or something.

the increased load on the heart caused by a raised arterial pressure

add an extra charge to (an insurance premium) in the case of a poorer risk.

If capital markets were efficient, the default risk premium would be loaded exclusively on to the debt of the over-borrower; there would be no free riding.

charge (a firearm) with ammunition.

In court, it was said he loaded the Derringer ‘out of curiosity’ and intended to use it on a shooting range, but never got round to it.

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Example Of load

  • load the cassette into the camcorder

  • load your camera before you start

  • A hollow cylindrical column bearing a compressive load can fail by local buckling (kinking like a soda can).

  • A significant prediction from the forward model is the spatial evolution of the orogenic load in SW England, summarized in Fig.6.

  • Alicia's fervent hope was that her love and support would make his painful load easier to bear.

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