Definition Of lineation


the action or process of drawing lines or marking with lines.

So too with any great tradition of poetry: we must have a place to start, the conventions of lineation , and along with them conventions of stanza, poetic form, and chapter.

Example Of lineation

  • Albite porphyroblasts and associated greenschist-facies fabrics are folded by crenulations related to late-stage east-trending folds, lineations associated with which plunge shallowly towards east or west.

  • All drafts and variants are listed except for minor revisions of lineation and punctuation.

  • Bedrock structures tend to be more regional in spatial outline compared with glacial lineations and in satellite images are often characterized by a rough and irregular surface texture.

  • Belabored, bejeweled-interestingly, the poem seems closer to the surface flash of many contemporary poems than the severe lineations and stark vivid colors of Plath's late work.

  • Biotite and amphibole lineations on the cleavage plane plunge consistently SW or WSW.

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