Definition Of lift


a feeling of encouragement or increased cheerfulness.

winning this game has given everyone on the team a lift

a free ride in another person's vehicle.

Miss Green is giving me a lift back to school

an act of lifting.

weightlifters attempting a particularly heavy lift

formally remove or end (a legal restriction, decision, or ban).

the European Community lifted its oil embargo against South Africa

pick up and move to a different position.

he lifted her down from the pony's back

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Example Of lift

  • A test was carried out and the lift was left in good working order.

  • Alice went up to the second floor in the lift

  • Any cut in interest rates next month, which is looking increasingly likely, will be too late to stimulate an end-of-year lift in consumer spending.

  • Apparently he immediately dismissed me as harmless - I wasn't going to shoplift or lift the cash register.

  • As soon as we arrived at Frankton the sight of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains gave us a lift in spirits.

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