Definition Of legendary


of, described in, or based on legends.

a legendary British king of the 4th century

remarkable enough to be famous; very well known.

her wisdom in matters of childbirth was legendary

Example Of legendary

  • A play celebrating the rise and fall of the legendary Wigan Casino is coming to Lowton.

  • Arden was the daughter of a legendarily hard-nosed music promoter, Don Arden, and she inherited more than a little of her father's business acumen for which she was given little credit.

  • Bhagiratha is the legendary king whose devotion made the Ganges consent to come down to the Earth.

  • Crowds flock from far and wide to sample the club's legendary recitals.

  • For all his kindness, Ben was also legendarily a tough guy, and only a tough guy could have made his choices.

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