Definition Of lean


(of a person or animal) thin, especially healthily so; having no superfluous fat.

his lean, muscular body

(of a vaporized fuel mixture) having a high proportion of air.

lean air-to-fuel ratios

(of an activity or a period of time) offering little reward, substance, or nourishment; meager.

the lean winter months

a deviation from the perpendicular; an inclination.

the vehicle has a definite lean to the left

be in or move into a sloping position.

he leaned back in his chair

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Example Of lean

  • A half cup of cooked dry beans is about the same as 1 ounce of lean meat.

  • According to fashion dictates, she is elegantly lean in a most feminine way.

  • And so the hoteliers in the city are planning to see this lean period off with festivals featuring mostly local cuisine or games.

  • But he clearly feels in no hurry to rush back in the pop scene during such lean times for dance music.

  • Certainly, his operations are lean by Wall Street standards.

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