Definition Of lead


a blank space between lines of print.

a channel, in particular.

a heavy, bluish-gray, soft, ductile metal, the chemical element of atomic number 82. It has been used in roofing, plumbing, ammunition, storage batteries, radiation shields, etc., and its compounds have been used in crystal glass, as an antiknock agent in gasoline, and (formerly) in paints.

There's evidence that heavy metals such as lead and cadmium can make osteoporosis worse.

a leash for a dog or other animal.

One of the suspects let the animal off its lead and it ran after the victim.

a position of advantage in a contest; first place.

they were beaten 5-3 after twice being in the lead

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Example Of lead

  • lead guitarist

  • All I have to do when writing a vocal track is bear in mind that the lead instrument will be the voice.

  • Ann held a two shot lead over her nearest competitor, Kay Fanning, after the final eighteen holes.

  • As I said before, the drums and bass were often the lead instruments of the band.

  • Britain is now taking the lead in environmental policies

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