Definition Of laps


(in a lapping machine) a rotating disk with a coating of fine abrasive for polishing.

(of an animal) take up (liquid) with the tongue in order to drink.

the cat was lapping up a saucer of milk

(of water) wash against (something) with a gentle rippling sound.

the waves lapped the shore

a hanging flap on a garment or a saddle.

a single turn of rope, thread, or cable around a drum or reel.

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Example Of laps

  • A few hours later, the sun is setting as gentle aquamarine surf laps a few feet from the reclining beach chairs.

  • After that, it is time for the advanced learners to progress to swimming laps around the pool.

  • After weights, he would do twenty laps in his pool (which was, luckily, heated) and then eat a light lunch.

  • Basically, rule No.1 will be to stay out of trouble and stay in line until about the last 75 laps of the race.

  • But in the final laps of a close race, friends and family fade to black against the overpowering compulsion to win.

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