Definition Of ladder


(in tights or stockings) a run.

She's a social climber with ladders in her stockings but a good heart.

(with reference to tights or stockings) develop or cause to develop a run.

a structure consisting of a series of bars or steps between two upright lengths of wood, metal, or rope, used for climbing up or down something.

You run around climbing ladders , shimmying across ropes and running from one platform to another, collecting gems while avoiding the bad guys.

Example Of ladder

  • An increasing number of parents are helping their children get on the property ladder .

  • As she climbs the corporate ladder to the top, Kate also grows to love her gentleman caller.

  • As the engines stopped, the firefighters cleared my pilot to shut down and to lower the boarding ladder .

  • Barrie Weatherall takes another step up the ladder as he and his York company receive a £10,000 Smart Micro Award.

  • By the beginning of the twentieth century Catholic Irish Americans were clearly ascending the occupational ladder .

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