Definition Of knickknack


a small worthless object, especially a household ornament.

Example Of knickknack

  • A shelf on the wall behind her desk is quite cluttered with various knickknackeries .

  • But in fact that Appalachian rusticity is quite appealing so the furniture & plates & metalware & humidors & sundry knickknackery are all quite lovely.

  • They've decorated the place in an ‘eclectic country’ style with found items (antique rocking chairs, hand-sewn bedspreads) but manage to avoid knickknackery .

  • Tin Star is a small storefront cafe mixed in among all the other small storefront cafes, bars, art galleries and purveyors of knickknackery along Evergreen's high street.

  • You should seriously rethink all the little novelties and knickknackeries you have around your place.

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