Definition Of kiss


a small cake or cookie, typically a meringue.

a touch with the lips in kissing.

She then leaned back and they shared a deep, passionate kiss for a few seconds.

touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, or greeting.

he kissed her on the lips

Example Of kiss

  • a quick kiss on the cheek

  • Annette brushed a kiss on his cheek before she jumped out of the truck.

  • As I lay on the couch that evening, I felt a touch on my forehead and a kiss on my cheek.

  • Customers are invited to place a kiss on a giant envelope on display at the centre's customer relations desk and make a donation to the British Heart Foundation.

  • Davis looked poised to grab another frame from a seemingly lost position only for a double kiss to scupper his comeback in the fifth frame.

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