Definition Of kinkier


having kinks or twists.

long and kinky hair

involving or given to unusual sexual behavior.

No low-down, filthy, kinky behaviour, or even smutty talk.

Example Of kinkier

  • A sex scene that speaks to how we can't escape the cell even at the most intimate moments is very kinky and very funny and oddly real.

  • ‘Everyone has a fetish,’ says George of Northbound Leather, a Toronto store that sells dominatrix gear and other kinky accessories.

  • ‘I do seem to have a real sense for the animate implications of inanimate objects,’ says Gurganus when confronted with this kinky moment.

  • Blind people even find a way to adapt kinky behaviour to their world.

  • But if I were experiencing a conflict between my kinky nature and my vanilla relationship, then a doctor is, quite frankly, about the last person I'd talk to.

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