Definition Of killing


an act of causing death, especially deliberately.

The village of Murma is in shock over the brutal killings of two young boys by their teacher.

cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).

her father was killed in a car crash

causing death.


overwhelm (someone) with an emotion.

the suspense is killing me

pass (time, or a specified amount of it), typically while waiting for a particular event.

when he reached the station, he found he actually had an hour to kill

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Example Of killing

  • A few public men, carried away by the excitement, attempted to justify these killings .

  • A pair of Staffordshire Terrier crosses mauled three cats to death and attacked a woman during a horrific killing spree on a Southampton estate.

  • But then the next day something happened that slowly transformed the killing despair of the jail and dispersed the power of death.

  • But they are quick to seize on other killings to try to justify the occupation.

  • Cancer is one of the four big killing diseases in childhood; after leukaemia, tumours of the central nervous system are the most common cancers in childhood.

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