Definition Of juridical


of or relating to judicial proceedings and the administration of the law.

Whether as a matter of juridical theory such judicial abstinence is properly to be regarded as a matter of discretion or a matter of jurisdiction seems to me for present purposes immaterial.

Example Of juridical

  • As for the matter of retroactivity, such orders should only be made where a juridical reason exists; support payments are not intended to be capital payments.

  • Culturally and juridically , cities were always associated with special rights and liberties.

  • Each of these organizations is a juridical body, the legal capacity of which is confined by its respective mandate as defined in its charter.

  • However, that is neither a juridical nor logical impediment to applying a clear general principle to the instrument if a national court is of the view that its purpose and effect require it.

  • Indeed, the juridical nature of a body has a series of consequences for its capacity to enter transactions.

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