Synonyms Of jape


Definition Of jape


a practical joke.

the childish jape of depositing a stink bomb in her locker

say or do something in jest or mockery.

Tama Janowitz, the novelist, was among those who made speeches, and a tape was played showing the designer japing around with Debbie Harry, who was likewise present.

Example Of jape

  • At school I sat in anticipation of the day that Mr Sutton would come in and tell us that everything we had learned so far had been an elaborate jape on his part, and the real stuff would now begin.

  • ‘Feminists on Men’ contains more ribald japery about men being stupid.

  • Even Lincoln, despite typical undergraduate japes , is hardly a hotbed of gossip.

  • For those that got in, we drank away until the wee small hours and talked of old times, japes and larks.

  • He meets Godfrey, Emilia's brother, and together they share a long series of wild japes and adventures.

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