Definition Of issue


a result or outcome of something.

the chance of carrying such a scheme to a successful issue was small

an important topic or problem for debate or discussion.

the issue of global warming

children of one's own.

he died without male issue

come, go, or flow out from.

exotic smells issued from a nearby building

supply or distribute (something).

licenses were issued indiscriminately to any company

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Example Of issue

  • A full report on the launch of the festival will be published in next week's issue .

  • a point of issue

  • As this issue of Imprint is distributed, it is the last day of classes for the winter 2004 term.

  • Based on the Japan Times news item reprinted in this issue , it appears as if he's game.

  • Currently, we are working on an alliance with a major publisher to produce and distribute each issue as a book.

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