Definition Of irregula


a member of an irregular military force.

The Filipino operational center of gravity was the ability to sustain its force of 100,000 irregulars in the field.

an imperfect piece of merchandise sold at a reduced price.

contrary to the rules or to that which is normal or established.

they were questioned about their involvement in irregular financial dealings

not even or balanced in shape or arrangement.

her features were too irregular

Example Of irregula

  • At the northwest corner, three to four people smoked at irregular intervals.

  • Before the state commission army, forces were assembled from diverse sources, including mercenary bands and irregular bodies of troops raised by local nobles.

  • British troops clash with irregular forces during a raid in Basra.

  • Cut out the irregular shape from B and the circle from C.

  • Dandruff is irregular in shape and does not adhere to the base of the hair.

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