Definition Of inwardness


preoccupation with one's inner self; concern with spiritual or philosophical matters rather than externalities.

Their emphasis is on inwardness and the spiritual life, a differentiation between the self of the body and that of the true self, or tman.

Example Of inwardness

  • Argonauts of the future, or shipwrecked sailors of the past, we move from actual space to imaginary space, from inwardness to outwardness, from intimacy to immensity.

  • As early as 1931, he had fully grasped the kind of inwardness that the camera required for the expression of maximum behavioral intimacy.

  • Chekhov became an interpreter of the underneath life through small observations and comical imitations of daily life even as his characters appear to be cut off from inwardness .

  • Crucially, Capildeo's descriptions of arid, dormant inwardness reveal a preoccupation with the static or unchanging, which relates to her book's encounter with myth.

  • For the first time in fiction, in Don Quixote's absolute inwardness , we discover something like the self.

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