Definition Of intimate


(of knowledge) detailed; thorough.

an intimate knowledge of the software

a very close friend.

his circle of intimates

closely acquainted; familiar, close.

intimate friends

imply or hint.

he had already intimated that he might not be able to continue

private and personal.

going into intimate details of his sexual encounters

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Example Of intimate

  • A night with this Birr native in the intimate setting of Moon River, where there is room for only 90, will be a very special evening's entertainment.

  • A particular generation may see itself progressing but the next generation may not have any intimate knowledge of that kind of crisis, that conversion experience, that new vision.

  • About a year ago I really started to miss being sexually intimate with a man.

  • After all, designing our living space is a way of ordering the most personal, intimate details of our day-to-day existence.

  • Although Johnson himself was a fervent Tory, it is interesting to note that he was on friendly and intimate terms with several well-known Whigs.

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