Definition Of instants


a precise moment of time.

come here this instant!

a very short space of time; a moment.

for an instant the moon disappeared

instant coffee.

Many sins are forgivable, but charging handsomely for coffee that comes directly from an outsized tin of own-label instant is not one of them.

Example Of instants

  • A vernal equinox represents the instant at which the sun lies exactly between the north and south celestial poles.

  • All of this, ever just below the surface of my thought, flashed across my mind in the instant between my question and his answer.

  • At the precise instant that both boys entered the astounding world of 3 - D, they emitted low moans of amazement.

  • ‘I would like to think they would not make that mistake,’ he warned, the friendly smile disappearing for an instant .

  • Both had answered at the same instant - doubtless a moment of revelation for Sara McArdle.

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