Definition Of innocent


an innocent person, in particular.

free from moral wrong; not corrupted.

an innocent child

not guilty of a crime or offense.

the arbitrary execution of an innocent man

not intended to cause harm or offense; harmless.

an innocent mistake

not responsible for or directly involved in an event yet suffering its consequences.

an innocent bystander

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Example Of innocent

  • Amnesty International is worried that the stun guns could ‘inflict pain and other suffering on innocent bystanders’.

  • And for that world, it is now imperative that no further suffering is inflicted on innocent people.

  • As a rule such conflicts take the form of ‘contract killings’ of certain businessmen not involving the murder of innocent bystanders.

  • As far as I'm concerned, this sounds like an innocent mistake.

  • ‘There was a period when he really ran out of juice in terms of playing the young innocent ,’ observes Stoff.

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