Definition Of infirm


not physically or mentally strong, especially through age or illness.

Mentally and physically infirm , he stayed in the jail lobby for three days before anyone noticed him.

Example Of infirm

  • A constant core activity is humanitarian aid - providing medicine and care for the sick, transporting the infirm , buying bricks or roofing material to repair housing.

  • A court cannot grant finality to a constitutionally infirm judgment.

  • Ballinrobe has been seeking a home for the elderly infirm since 1971 and an announcement last year that money had been allocated for the purchase of a site raised expectations.

  • David Rigby had worked at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield for six years when, one night in June, he sneaked into the ward where the infirm pensioner was bedridden.

  • Furthermore, the home was failing to create an environment where mentally ill and physically infirm people could properly be cared for and safely live alongside each other.

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