Definition Of infinitesimality


an indefinitely small quantity; a value approaching zero.

These two concepts, infinitesimals and infinite quantities, however, were stirring great philosophical dilemmas.

extremely small.

an infinitesimal pause

Example Of infinitesimality

  • Also in 1786 he again worked on his ideas for the differential and integral calculus, giving a new treatment of infinitesimals .

  • And that's critical to the analysis of the solar wind, the particles of which contain infinitesimal traces of the 83 naturally occurring elements.

  • Any way you look at it, the number is infinitesimal .

  • Anything that happened between the big bang's start and that point, an infinitesimally small amount of time, cannot be discerned through mathematics.

  • At their best they became monolithic tomes - bunkers for content, guides updated haphazardly that infinitesimally accrete ‘content’.

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