Definition Of indiscreet


having, showing, or proceeding from too great a readiness to reveal things that should remain secret or private.

they have been embarrassed by indiscreet friends

Example Of indiscreet

  • As ever, she was delightfully indiscreet and, unheard of amongst politicians, insisted on picking up the bill.

  • ‘Well, Juliet's party was successful, as per usual,’ Hannah said, propping an elbow on the table, indiscreetly rolling her eyes.

  • Even if you are not indiscreet on your blog, you could become so - but if you don't have a blog, you couldn't possibly start one and therefore never be indiscreet .

  • Florence, unfortunately, was careless and indiscreet .

  • Giving an after dinner speech to, of all things, a public school old boys' soccer club he was arrogantly indiscreet , revealing numerous confidential FA matters.

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