Definition Of inapprehension


anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.

he felt sick with apprehension

the action of arresting someone.

they acted with intent to prevent lawful apprehension

understanding; grasp.

the pure apprehension of the work of art

Example Of inapprehension

  • A protection finding is based upon the situation that existed at the time of apprehension and not at any later date.

  • A warrant of arrest issued for the accused's apprehension .

  • Because interpretation is as much grounded in emotional apprehension as it is in cognitive reflection, we interpret by default as well as by design.

  • But the perceptions of the senses are a low form of apprehension .

  • Consciousness requires the simultaneous apprehension in one's mind of multiple sensory features pertaining to a single scene or object.

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