Definition Of impalpable


unable to be felt by touch.

an impalpable ghost

Example Of impalpable

  • About one-fourth of the tumors treated with the chosen dose became impalpable 10 days after but all of them showed recurrence within the next 2 weeks.

  • Bold choices are attenuated by combination with impalpable chiffon.

  • But how do you put a price on what we sell, which is more impalpable , insidious, sad and empty than the decay that you read here?

  • Ever since Charles Darwin noted ‘the falling of impalpably fine dust‘while crossing the Atlantic during his famous scientific voyage aboard the Beagle, seafarers and researchers have observed African particulates far out to sea.

  • For all the book's rigour it is its poetry - the play of charged imagery, the sense of something impalpable that outlasts analysis - that one most remembers.

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