Definition Of ill


a problem or misfortune.

a lengthy work on the ills of society

badly, wrongly, or imperfectly.

some of his premises seem ill-chosen

not in full health; sick.

her daughter is seriously ill

only with difficulty; hardly.

she could ill afford the cost of new curtains

people who are ill.

a day center for the mentally ill

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Example Of ill

  • Along with morphine, it was prescribed to chronically ill patients suffering everything from asthma to diarrhoea.

  • And the cats both survived the stay in the cattery without too many ill effects.

  • Both domestic violence and suicide attempts are more common, and of the mentally ill who wind up in jails and prisons, there is a high percentage of drug abusers.

  • But Mr Briggs said safeguards would be put in place to control the ill effects of gambling.

  • By far the most serious ill effect of the sun is skin cancer.

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