Definition Of ifle range


a place for practicing shooting with rifles.

Major Caporn said the main aim of this training was to allow the group to qualify on the rifle range , practise training as a platoon, gain experience in patrolling and learn how to conduct themselves if fired upon.

Example Of ifle range

  • A pile of rusty rifles and bayonets, old stone foundations, limb moulds, a live mortar, an underground rifle range and a diesel boiler have been found on the site of the 98-year-old Drill Hall.

  • Already lined up are a rifle range , go-kart track, swimming pool and bowling alley.

  • ‘Most customers who hunt have their favorite rifle range nearby,’ Evens said.

  • For nearly two years, he and others built a rifle range on the flatlands outside of Shanghai, China, shoveling dirt by hand to create elevated platforms from which to fire.

  • For non-military readers, I think the way it works is that everyone who goes through basic training has to qualify on a rifle range as able to shoot the darn thing without taking their foot off or hitting a bystander.

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