Definition Of humps


a rounded protuberance found on the back of a camel or other animal or as an abnormality on a person's back.

He provides a sketch of a creature with the head of an elephant, a fishlike body with a camel hump , four legs like a lion, and a forked tail like a fish.

a rounded raised mass of earth or land.

If one were to travel past the countless monolithic factories and coal pits of the world's main continent, and onto where the equator was once, one would find a small hump of earth.

have sexual intercourse with.

lift or carry (a heavy object) with difficulty.

he continued to hump cases up and down the hotel corridor

make hump-shaped.

the cat humped himself into a different shape and purred

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Example Of humps

  • A single-track hump can handle about 800 cars per shift.

  • After an overnight stay in the hut we made an early start by following a wildlife trail up a rocky hump on the east bank of the stream to the east of the hut.

  • Aging camels may be slaughtered for their meat, especially when guests are expected for a celebration, and the fatty camel's hump is considered a delicacy.

  • Almost immediately, a sonar scan of the sea bed revealed a line of unnatural-looking humps , only 100 ft out from the shore - an obvious invitation to the divers.

  • An Asian camel with two humps can go only for a few days and would not last in Sinai conditions.

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