Definition Of huffs


a fit of petty annoyance.

she walked off in a huff

blow out loudly; puff.

he was huffing under a heavy load

sniff fumes from (gasoline or solvents) for a euphoric effect.

kids that are huffing spray paint like crazy

Example Of huffs

  • A couple of people left in a huff , but most of us just stared in amazement.

  • A hand was waved in front of my eye, alternately shading it and exposing it to candlelight until the doctor huffed and stepped away.

  • Aeslyn huffed in annoyance, but halted to let Adelaide catch up, nevertheless.

  • After a few more months of things escalating, Chris couldn't take it anymore, and she moved out one day in a huff .

  • After resigning in a huff , and making statements like he would not reconsider his decision, it seemed like he was burning his bridges, taking a bold step, breaking a path.

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