Definition Of holler


(of a person) give a loud shout or cry.

he hollers when he wants feeding

a loud cry or shout.

They make odd squeaky noises and suddenly explode in girlful shouts, screams and hollers of exuberance shattering the perfect calm of a quiet summer night.

Example Of holler

  • After nearly twenty minutes of this pointless and boring (and, in some cases, untruthful) jabber, the coach blew four quick whistle blasts and gave a long, loud holler .

  • Already shouts were going up along the wall, guards hollering at each other that there was a fire.

  • Amplified harmonica, foot thumping guitar and screechy blues hollers and shouts are immediately distinctive, taking you back to an era before blues turned slick.

  • An overweight, middle-age woman struts out on stage wearing a tube top, miniskirt and high heels to the deafening whoops and hollers of the studio audience.

  • ‘Come on down,’ he all but hollers , ‘the price is wrong!’

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