Definition Of hole


(of a person or treatment) cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.

his concern is to heal sick people

a hollow place in a solid body or surface.

he dug out a small hole in the snow

a small or unpleasant place.

she had wasted a whole lifetime in this hole of a town

hit (the ball) so that it falls into a hole.

alternate shots from each partner until the ball is holed

make a hole or holes in.

a fuel tank was holed by the attack and a fire started

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Example Of hole

  • And if they hit the green, they hope the ball stays below the hole ; anything putted from above will likely run off.

  • As the letter was carried from the FBI to the Army lab, some powder leaked from a hole in the envelope into the plastic bag containing it.

  • At the centre of the dome is an oculus, a circular hole , which is the only source of light.

  • badger hole

  • Base your decision on pace depending on what will happen to the ball after the hole .

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