Definition Of hind


(added to nouns) at the back; posterior.


(especially of a bodily part) situated at the back; posterior.

he snagged a calf by the hind leg

a female deer, especially a red deer or sika in and after its third year.

In red deer, dominant hinds produce a male-biased offspring sex ratio, but only at low population density.

a skilled farm worker.

any of several large edible groupers with spotted markings.

Small hard-skinned fish such as snappers, grouper, breams and hind should be gutted and scaled on capture and kept in slurry.

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Example Of hind

  • After the skin was sutured, the outer end of the tube was fixed with surgical tape at the shaved hind leg.

  • Artaxes reared onto his hind legs, and gave a quick kick of his back legs, and Miri could hold him back no longer.

  • As the hunters approached the creature, it roared loudly, reared up on its hind legs, then charged the small group.

  • At worst it will take 30 hours to control one Sika hind .

  • Every hour, it jerkily rears up on its hind legs and waggles its forelegs a bit.

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