Definition Of highs


a high point, level, or figure.

commodity prices were at a rare high

a high power setting.

the vent blower was on high

a state of high spirits or euphoria.

the highs I got from cocaine always ended in despair

high school (chiefly used in names).

I enjoyed my years at McKinley High

Example Of highs

  • All in all, then, a talented performer with some notable career highs .

  • As well as the highs , Sheerin has experienced enough of life's lows to ensure he appreciates all that comes his way.

  • Children are particularly sensitive to highs and lows, as well as pitch duration.

  • Coogan's comments follow the publication of figures last week which showed that mortgage lending and levels of personal debt had reached all-time highs .

  • Everyone knows about oil, but wholesale coal prices rose by 40% last year and metal prices, from copper to platinum, still regularly hit new highs .

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