Definition Of highfaluti


(especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious.

you don't want any highfalutin jargon

Example Of highfaluti

  • Although it is all highfalutin balderdash, a semblance of sense does surface here and there - for example, in the scenery and the cast of characters.

  • Another way the film startles is its highfalutin talk about prime numbers, chaos theory and French post-impressionist painters.

  • ‘Advanced education for nail professionals’ may seem like a rather highfalutin subtitle for a magazine about manicuring.

  • But whatever highfalutin label you put on Terkel's technique, it boils down to his ability to relate to people and get them to open up and talk frankly about their lives.

  • Forget all that highfalutin talk about competition and laissez-faire.

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