Definition Of hierarchies


a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

The most important thing in the election of the chairman was not professional competence in the field, but activity within the Party and a sufficiently high status in the political hierarchy .

Example Of hierarchies

  • a taxonomic hierarchy of phyla, classes, orders, families, genera, and species

  • Almost in passing, his observation revealed how in modern Britain, despite the demolition of some old hierarchies and snobberies, status still rules.

  • As a republican, I hate rigid social hierarchy .

  • As expected, the results show a clear-cut hierarchy with the upper class on the top rung of the ladder and the unskilled laborers on the bottom rung.

  • As families assimilated, the traditional hierarchies flattened, giving women and children a greater voice in their households.

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