Definition Of hide


a camouflaged shelter used to get a close view of wildlife.

We expect the camera crew to sit patiently in a camouflaged hide , waiting for the wildlife to wander by.

a former measure of land used in England, typically equal to between 60 and 120 acres, being the amount that would support a family and its dependents.

In much of England the hide was reckoned as of 120 acres, in Wessex generally as of 40 or 48.

put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others.

he hid the money in the house

the skin of an animal, especially when tanned or dressed.

The production of leather from animal hides was a time-consuming and dreadfully smelly process.

Example Of hide

  • And you have to hand it to John Howard - he has the thickest hide in town.

  • Any writer hoping to break in must have the thickest hide .

  • At first I didn't like it, it made me sick, but as I got older it could help me to hide my feelings and emotions.

  • But does he have the thick hide needed for the rough'n'tumble of life in Sacramento?

  • companies and manufacturers with poor security can hide behind the law

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