Definition Of heaven-sent


(of an event or opportunity) occurring at a favorable time; opportune.

Self-assessment would also provide a heaven-sent opportunity to rid the nation of estate agents, while increasing our wealth.

Example Of heaven-sent

  • And why didn't any of your recent career-reviews by the big-name analysts of the game even mention the innumerable times you squandered a heaven-sent opportunity to carry India to victory?

  • As well as other popular puds, they do a straightforward chocolate cake and a heaven-sent white, dark and milk chocolate cake.

  • But if you're not yet sure what makes you tick, then you've got a heaven-sent opportunity to test yourself against a whole range of challenges, people and places.

  • Charming, young, charismatic, bilingual and a person of colour, the University of Ottawa political science graduate seemed heaven-sent

  • For a government that has made a big issue of encouraging private investment in public services, the relative lack of scandal surrounding this story must have seemed heaven-sent .

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