Definition Of havoc


lay waste to; devastate.

The lack of participants is associated to a large storm that havocked Latvia in January 2005 and uprooted and destroyed large forest areas.

widespread destruction.

the hurricane ripped through Florida, causing havoc

Example Of havoc

  • A notorious pyramid selling scam, which caused havoc among small communities on the Isle of Wight last year, has reared its ugly head in Scotland again.

  • A number of school pupils and restaurant staff are being put in quarantine as the north west battles to stop the Sars virus wreaking havoc .

  • A series of lightning strikes in the North and the South-East have been wreaking havoc with supply.

  • At first, it seemed she didn't have a chance, with a horrible cold that wreaked havoc with her voice.

  • But the championship got off to an inauspicious start with the tsunami wreaking havoc on the Kollam coast on the inaugural day.

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