Definition Of hauls


(especially of a sailing ship) make an abrupt change of course.

The waters of the Nile slipped beneath the hull and the boat hauled for the western shore.

(of a person) pull or drag with effort or force.

he hauled his bike out of the shed

(of a vehicle) pull (an attached trailer or load) behind it.

the train was hauling a cargo of liquid chemicals

a distance to be traversed.

the thirty-mile haul to Tallahassee

a quantity of something that was stolen or is possessed illegally.

they escaped with a haul of antiques

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Example Of hauls

  • A top Navy Officer was hauled before a court martial yesterday after a laptop packed with military secrets was nicked from his car.

  • Anglers on the River Tweed in southeast Scotland landed more than 14,000 salmon, one of the biggest hauls ever recorded in Britain.

  • As the construction of the huge vessel approached completion, transport firms hauled the mountains of food to the site.

  • But Mormon use of advanced methods to net large hauls of fish for pickling and shipment elsewhere had impoverished the Utes and made them resentful and ready for war.

  • Eight bowlers had seven wicket returns during the month and there were a total of 23 six-wicket hauls recorded.

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