Definition Of harmonize


add notes to (a melody) to produce harmony.

At the next lesson Milhaud essentially approved the work after a few comments and suggestions, then requested that Trimble harmonize the melody for the next lesson.

Example Of harmonize

  • A wooden kitchen chair that no longer matches can easily be spray-painted in a color that will harmonize with the new tablecloth and drapes.

  • After the sculpture's completion, the original owners designed a house to harmonize with its lines, colors, and atmosphere.

  • Again, a fresh coat of paint, and new drawer pulls, can transform it, and you can paint it to harmonize with the wall color and with the new sofa bed.

  • All of the colors seemed to harmonize with each other - perfectly arranged around each other.

  • An additional purpose, or at least effect, of some international environmental agreements is to harmonize national laws, either globally or regionally.

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