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a domesticated, tailless South American cavy, originally raised for food. It no longer occurs in the wild and is now typically kept as a pet or for laboratory research.

The domestic guinea pig , Cavia porcellus, now found worldwide in captivity, has been bred for meat for more than three thousand years in South America.

Example Of guinea pig

  • A cancer sufferer from Greater Manchester, for whom all conventional treatments have failed, has volunteered to become the world's first guinea pig for a possible new cure.

  • A major debate was raised by the claim that ‘the guinea pig is not a rodent’.

  • And even though the guinea pig was ten times the size of a normal guinea pig , it accepted the carrot hungrily and walked off happily.

  • As the water rose, the guinea pig rose too, although it ordinarily doesn't stand around on its hind legs, but rather squats like a hare or a rabbit.

  • At school, our classroom had a small rodent zoo consisting of two rabbits, three hamsters, a litter of baby gerbils and a guinea pig .

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