Definition Of grinds


(of a dancer) rotate the hips.

go-go girls grinding to blaring disco

a crushing or grating sound or motion.

the crunch and grind of bulldozers

a dancer's rotary movement of the hips.

a bump and grind

reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it.

grind some black pepper over the salad

rub or cause to rub together gratingly.

tectonic plates that inexorably grind against each other

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Example Of grinds

  • grind some black pepper over the salad

  • A voluptuous black girl in leather and a thicket of beaded dreadlocks jumped in front of him and mirrored his strokes, his bumps and grinds .

  • About 1957, MIT undergraduates began referring to ‘gnurds,’ studious grinds , especially in science and engineering.

  • After cooling slowly, the piece is then ground to remove excess enamel, and polished.

  • After harvesting, the corn needs to be ground into flour.

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