Definition Of graveling


cover (an area of ground) with gravel.

Outside, the back garden is landscaped with a rockery area, lawn, patio area and gravelled area incorporating shrubs and climbers.

make (someone) angry or annoyed.

this was a bad strike, and it graveled him to involve himself in it

Example Of graveling

  • A long graveled driveway led us from the main road all the way to very front of the building that wrapped around a small fountain with the statue of an angel dancing in the center.

  • A long avenue bordered with mature lime trees leads to an inner front garden and gravelled forecourt.

  • A small gravelled area is the first thing one encounters, southwest - facing and with a thin layer of soil covering spoil from a demolition.

  • A tarmac path, lightly gravelled , carpeted with late and fading blossom frames the foreground.

  • After 350 metres, it becomes very steep, it isn't gravelled and is not suitable for wheelchairs.

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