Definition Of godhead



By a unique, transcendent agreement between the persons of the Godhead , God sent and dealt with His Son in our nature as if He, and not us, had been rejected.

Example Of godhead

  • A more substantial problem is the repeated use of ‘Creator’ for the first Person of the Godhead .

  • Actually, if we can attain the favor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead , Krishna, we do not need anything else.

  • After their see-saw battles, which boxing fans regard as perhaps the best ever heavyweight championship series, Ali reached the status of athletic godhead .

  • After three years of monastic silence, Lotus Notes' creator Ray Ozzie unveiled his latest project Groove Networks in New York this week, and instantly became a kind of godhead for the peer-to-peer networking buzz.

  • And I think one can see that haunting that idea of the single progenitor, the one form, is an approach still to the idea of Godhead .

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